Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two Beeez

I'm still getting used to the 85mm Canon lens so when I get a chance I slap it on and just head outside. I do like sudo-macro photography and with the wide aperture of the 85, I thought I could get some narrow depth of field. Well, yes-it sure can and like I discovered before-to focus, I have to just move slightly ahead or back. Trying to get the bumblebees infocus was another matter-they don't stay still....ever. It took maybe 50 frames to get these two on Lupine, but it was a keeper to me.

The underside of an American Mandrake-the white flowers are just coming to bloom.
Osage Orange? I don't know my shrubs well enough, but had to take a few frames here.
Ferns again. I liked the spire standing up and the out of focus background.
Blackberry blossoms in black and white. Color? Again, too much green.

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