Monday, January 2, 2017

The Year in Pictures

Paddling Zen

I'd almost forgotten about this annual posting until I was reminded by a few other photographer friends who also do a "year in review" of sorts.  Usually I start this before the 1st of the new year, but a day or two late is okay.  Besides, it is kinda interesting to look back at the past 12 months to see where my camera and I had been.  Fun to follow the seasons and be surprised at unexpected things (a warm thaw, then blast of snow and back again) that I'd forgotten.  Reliving moments in time is not so bad either for knowing where we have been can set a compass stepping forward. (isn't that profound?). 
 This year in pictures may be a bit different that others-iphone images predominate...they say the best camera you can have is the one that's with you. So true.  I'm pretty happy with what can be captured by that tiny sensor, not always great, but better than missing a moment.  Many images were work related-when you're in the field as a wildlife technician, you get to be in a lot of beautiful places and at perfect times of day.  There will be a lot of paddling ones too-I'll apologize for that off the bat-kayaking has really been something I love and the camera is always there.
As in the past-the images that follow are not perfectly chronological, but close.  They are also not all A+ or even A grade images-some make the cut here just because.  Because I like them or the place or the time.  Hopefully, some are good images irregardless.  2016-enjoy.

Sweaty Yeti-Marty on Bear Den

Ice "Caves" of Wedges Creek

Sharp Shinned and Ex-Blue Jay

Dan's Berm-Fatbiking

BE in Popples

The River Folds Itself-Wedges Creek

Pewits Nest-Baraboo

I'd seen many stunning photographs of Pewits Nest over the years, and had driven nearby many times while heading to BAAP (The Ho-Chunk Nations Badger Army Ammunition Plant) for wildlife work.  Heading down in the dark one morning-I arrived at daybreak.  Chest waders would have been helpful, but I managed to crawl around and get a few images.  Although it's a beautiful place, too much "love" has eroded much of the natural shore and surrounding ground cover.  I found it surprising the state doesn't try to preserve this little sliver of land more.  I had it to myself this morning-much appreciated.

Miatke Farm at Daybreak

"That Tree"
I'd been just down the road from "That Tree" twice while at the Hirsch Farm for Gnomefest, but missed the chance to stop.  Last spring, traveling nearby, the truck veered off 151 and detoured south for a chance to see my friend Mark Hirsch's baby.  He does such great work and it had to be seen in person to really appreciate his project-taking an iphone image every day for a year (and it continues!)  This old girl was awe inspiring.

Simek's Pond

The Goose and Gander

Ravens and Bald Eagles-Dinner Time, Levis Mound

Meadow Lark-Buena Vista Grassland

Life, Death, Colour

Halls Creek Thaw- Dan Hiller

BE-Looking for Lunch

Spring Run-Kenosha (How does that horizon work?)

Levis Mound Chalet Fire

Red Cliff Reservation-Lake Superior
Not one of my photographs, but rather from good friend Mark Haferman, one of my kayak mentors.  I just had to include it here because of the great and frustrating memories of this anticipated trip to the Apostle Islands.  This was one of the great ones.

Mark and the Arctic Hawk- Red Cliff, Apostle Islands

Fairyland-Robinsons Creek

Big Blue Stem-Sturtz Prairie

Lake Eau Claire Shadow Moves

Lake Arbutus Revealed

Northfield Morning

The Mondeaux

Nosing Chequamegon Waters

Autumn Morning tugging at the Lake

Telemarken Road Aspen

Elk in My Woods

Merlin-Jeanne Reed's Farm

Not an exceptional photo, but to see a Merlin, for me anyway, is so rare that I had to include it.  He/she sat motionless while the truck crept closer and closer and luckily, I had the big zoom and camera along to get some images.

LaValle Wisconsin-Oak in Arms

Prepping for Winter-Beaver Pond, Columbia