Friday, January 22, 2010


Haven't been on here for a while. End of semester....inservice day. Too many meetings I have no interest in. Warm temps coming-mixed precip, rain, frz rain, sleet? No snow anytime soon-still working the old stuff, but it has been good. Need that leveling drag soon!
Ten and Rick are headed this way for the weekend-should be fun.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Skiin is all good.

Nice ski at Levis today-inspected my handi work. It passed.

Snow Corduroy

Ran back to Levis to hit a small section of trail w/o tracks. Just couldn't let that be like that for the weekend skiers.

Late night Grooming

Groomed last night-turned out perfect. -3 at the start. -13 at the end. Perfect corduroy ribbon of snow. Critters must be hunkered down, no wolf tracks, just ermine, deer and Fisher out and about. Now that was fresh snow for 24 hrs and very little movement. I love how the snow looks at night-stars above, and untouched tracks and comb behind me. Now it'll be open for skiers to "mess" things up. ;)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Levis Today

Decided that + 2 was warm enough for me to get outside-just can't stay indoors. Groomed all skate lanes, then pulled on my snowshoes and hiked up Cliffhanger to Northface and down-good one. Whipped down to BRF to the Buzz and Brew shop, then home to groom my home trails-I think they are good to go now (at least to my standards).


Coldest day of this winter greeted me today. -15 or so to start, but it actually warmed up to +3 later, so I took advantage of it and SSd with Ruger. Quite a few tracks of critters out and I kept on working on the SS trails. Stopped at one point near Cliffs field and just soaked in some sun.