Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A New Year-First Day

Mr. O'Leary's 5th Graders
It's become a tradition for me-first day of school, in fact, first morning of the first day, I grab a camera, and stroll around the hall as kids are excitedly headed to their rooms.  At no other day in the school year, will they be settled into their desks so early...and so quietly.  Amazing.  For one day anyway.  I pop into some of the rooms and make a few pictures, maybe catch a teary parent in the hall of the younger ones and try not to miss the early childhood class as the "walking backpacks" go by holding the hands of a new teacher or aide. 

The window of opportunity is pretty short lived to get these shots, for by afternoon, and the usual sweltering temps inside the building this time of year, make the excitement of this first day, all but melt away to some degree.  In any regard, I love catching the smiles quickly for a few minutes, then head to my room to engage the silent high school students as they file into my class.  Not quite the same looks on their faces.
Miss Luebke and Friends
New Smelly Markers

Ever Smilin Abby
Essential Supplies
Classroom Window Light
Not-So Excited to be Here
"I'm Ready!"