Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 1st Walkabout

So with the speaker I had come into my class this week-it kind of spurred me on to start getting my blog flowing again. Her blog has great photos on it and then, of course, you start looking at the links.
Laura Schmitt is a photojournalist in Marshfield.
Steve Apps was an instructor of mine last summer and I like his work very much-his blog always has something creative on it. He's a photojournalist at the Wisconsin State Journal.
So on my walk yesterday I just started shooting things. Maybe too much "pretty" but I thought I'm not going to feel guilty about that and just get them out of my system.

I shot this flowering (crab?) in the back yard-the usual...morning light was good, but as I walked around the back side, I saw how much better the pedals looked with sunlight going thru them. Pretty happy with this shot-it was more than just a flower pic.
Tulips.....I suppose I had to get this out of my system. Too Pretty? Maybe, so cropping tight in the viewfinder seemed to make this a little different and I thought not bad.
The swamp is just a great place. Near the woods pond, there are always cow slips coming up, but I love ferns....especially Fiddleheads. More interesting to photograph. I've been looking for some species to harvest, but haven't found any yet. These are not edible.

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  1. "it kind of spurred me on to start getting my blog flowing again."

    Looking forward to it!