Sunday, May 23, 2010

Turkey Twang

Twangfest is a bow hunting weekend we've been gathering for for 27 years in the Black River Falls area-thanks to a kind landowner, we've been able to continue coming together, even though the 7 of us are scattered all across the country now. It's always been a November tradition since we were all in college. The same guys gathered for a "SummerTwang" with families years ago and now we've come up with "Turkey Twang"....a spring hunt during the last turkey season of the year. Usually pretty warm, buggy, humid and quiet (on the hunting side) but still a chance to meet and enjoy some comradery.
I buy calls all the time, but seem to always come back to the slate. Too bad it didn't fool any toms this day.

Iridescent Jake
The story, as told by Kirk

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