Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little things

So this isn't a photo related post, but rather one of those little things that is teacher pay. With just 7 days to go (yes, teachers count down too) and a 90 degree art room, this 4th grade girl walks in and hands me a folded piece of paper. Just thought I'd share:

My hero is Mr. Murett. He is my hero because he taught me all about art. Art is my favorite subject. Thursday is my favorite day because we have art from 10:10-10:50.My favorite project was rainstick. (she draws a small drawing of it) He taught me to try and always say "you could do it." I did things like that I did not even think I could. He inspiers me so I'm gunna use some creations next year in the fair.The best Part was when we had to draw cow skulls. He said "mine looked like the real thing." On my b-day he made me a sailors hat with feathers, yellow paper and scented markers. (small drawing of it)
I love drawing.
I like Mr.Murett
BY Brianna R

(another drawing-me with a cape and big arm muscles and baret ;)

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