Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It was so damn quiet at Levis yesterday-I was working setting the course for our CC meet and all these leftover feelings of the Gnomefest weekend still echoed out on the trail.  Crazy, fun, crazier, laughter, tire sound treading the trails, more laughter, whirl of free hubs and conversation, all sounds that are built in at Gnomefest and once I have now come to look forward to.  I have no clue where Gomez (Gary Lake) came up with the name or how it came to be, but I do know this 7th addition was just a blast.  For me, as trail stewart, it's a chance to see tons of bikes and rider out on my handiwork-all those hot buggy hours during the summer, pay off when you're told how much fun the trail is to ride. I'll accept that complement any day.
My photography took a little bit of a back seat to riding, but there is something there at anytime ready to be made into a picture.  Here are a few-I know there will be tons up on Flickr as well from myself and other Gnomefesters.
Returning nightriders
Settin Up Bike Camp
Derby on Trow Trail
The Acorn power of the Mighty Oak

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  1. I checked this post out back when it first went live, and I've been meaning to say that the first night ride picture is awesome! Totally captures the feel of a night ride: pitch black woods with just a small circle of illumination, and a couple of friends to share the experience with. Classic!