Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Continued...

I should have never looked at Jim Brandenburg's ( site last week.  I was using it to discuss different elements of composition in my HS class and of course spent quite a bit of time myself looking at his work.  I've always loved his photography.  But, his images of fall just killed me-especially his panaramas of colors in the forest.  So I have those images in my head as I walk around and get frustrated that I can't find that picture myself.  Maybe that is the struggle a photographer has, and that's okay.  Yesterday I headed down to the road with the pups and the light was just great.  I shot a ton of pictures of the light thru the trees, but really wasn't thrilled with anything.  Besides, it's always good to take pictures of your dogs, so I did that instead.  Well......also some of the full moon and a couple feeble attempts of the trees too.
Molly & Ruger with Rainbow Flare
Self Portrait with Old Oak

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