Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tom and 'Lish

Another summer wedding.  I've found that it is a lot more fun to shoot weddings for people I know.....okay I'll admit, those are the only ones I have so far.  Weddings kinda scare me-I mean, you get one chance, and you can't screw up and those "moments" move quickly and you really can't get them back.  This wedding was in Fitchburg, south of Madison in a modern church.  Indoors, without flash is not the easiest, but I had bought the f1.8 80mm and f1.8 28mm just for this situation.  The high iso on my newer camera also helps.  In any regard, it went pretty well and the church design allowed me to move near the front and get some nice shots.  I tried to shoot documentary style for the rehearsal and wedding day, and there were tons on group shots to do also.  Editing on the 700+ pictures started during the weekend and now I'm fine tuning the best ones for a slideshow dvd.  I also tried some montage images which are below, just for fun.  Tom and 'Lish are a great fun couple and even though at times I felt like I was going at breakneck speed, it was fun and an honor to make their pictures.

Flower girl
Ready for the processional

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