Saturday, August 7, 2010

Abstracts from SOA

I thought I'd "release" some of the SOA photos a few at a time-maybe because some have a common theme, and perhaps I didn't want to post a bunch of pictures all at once.  One thought I've had, and sometimes it's a frustration, is I have not "settled down" with one common subject matter or even a style.  In discussing that at SOA, the conclusion was to not worry about it.  We also talked about A Body of Work...what does that mean?  Should I have a body of work yet?  Doug made a great point that over a period of time a body of work, or common themes seem to just happen.  In what we find interesting to make pictures of and in the decisions we make when pressing the shutter.  Some may complete themselves, while others never really go anywhere.  So there are times I love nature based subjects, sometimes people and many times the abstract.  I think the abstract comes from many years making jewelry-working exclusively with shape form and texture, so when I see a strong design, many times very minimal, I'm drawn to it. 
    So the two images below have been soaking in while writing and I realize they both are pretty strong in featuring the elements of art- line, shape, color, texture, form, space, value.  Maybe that's why they are growing on me?  Maybe that's why I pressed the shutter?
Homage to Ellsworth Kelly
Art Elements in Stainless Steel

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