Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Order & Pick-Up

Jackson Harbor is on the NE corner of Washington Island, a jumping off point (literally) for the Rock Island State Park.  It is home to a dozen slips with boats and two still viable commercial fishermen-eeking out a few dollars on whitefish or lawyer (burbot).  It also has a tiny maritime museum and a old trailer snack stand.
I couldn't resist making a picture of this stand with it's "order" and "pick-up" gulls and the most friendly woman taking orders.  The colors were devine and this place showed the years of wear working at this remote corner of Wisconsin.  I'm glad we have places like this.
Order and Pick-Up

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  1. Steve,I love all of your photos. I myself think the way you do with the camera. I take pictures of all kinds of things. My family asks me sometimes why am I taking a picture of something, and I too see things I guess they don't or don't appreciate. They really hate it when I turn the car around or have to pull over to get a shot of something. Have a good day!