Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rail Yard, Rhinelander

We visited the old rail yard in Rhinelander during the SOA as one of our photo exercises-and interesting place.  I like old locations like this with history and usually my interest forces me to research it more after returning.  This spot had a huge old railroad car "garage" which was no longer in use.  I'm not sure how old it was, but the construction, using massive timbers was really impressive.  The sun was overhead, so it was tough to find just the right place to make pictures.  The one that follows was just an old door on the side of the bulding.  For me, anyway, I just had to take the shot.  I liked it in an abstract was also-the shapes and lines and just character.
Sliding Door
This next image was as we were leaving-Doug had his camera along and of course, we as his students, watched him and what he found interesting to make pictures of.  This streaming sky apeared late while we gathered and became an instant subject.  I don't know if my photograph is much different than anyone elses, but after seeing it, I enjoyed the way the powerlines and pole mimic the lines and shapes in the sky.

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  1. I really love this photo. I find the way you placed the electric lines intersecting the sky very poetic and dynamic.