Monday, August 30, 2010


Summer is over.  Not technically, but when I'm back in the classroom, it's over and fall starts.  There has been a spattering of trees turning colour, and late season flowers are in full bloom.  The Big Blue Stem looks great in the Sturtz Prarie.  The wedding photos have kept me pretty busy-working on the slideshow dvd, getting the right music, burning all the photos to disks after editing.  So any other photography has been a bit slow.  To use this last bit of summer, I've tried to ride (mountain bike and Harley) as much as possible.  Usually my old Canon Powershot is tucked in a jersey pocket.  So yesterday, I just stopped alongside the rd and made a few pictures of the thistles re-seeding themselves.  I love how they look during the summer-the bright blue flower pods, but now they're prepping for fall themselves.  Not a great shot, but I was happy to press the shutter again.

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