Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sturtz Prairie

Felt like I've been in a photography slump lately-and I was going to do a 365 project?!  I've had my camera with me enough while at Levis working, but nothing jumped at out at me to make a picture.  Sometimes, I think one should just press the shutter-at anything, just to get the ball rolling.  Seems once that first shot is taken, then I start seeing things again.  So on my way to Levis early in the morning I just pulled over at the "Sturtz Prairie" near Columbia (Clark County, Town of Hewett).  This is a native grass prairie restoration Toni and Rick Sturtz have been establishing for the past several years on their property.  I had noticed some large cone flowers coming up lately as I've driven by, and of course, Big Blue Stem, brown eyed susans and daises.
I liked this composition with the arched grass bending over and the color they seem to share.
This cone flower was nearing the end of it's flowering life, but there were other flowers to take over.

....and it wouldn't be a photo shoot without ferns!  I don't know this species, but like them.  Black and white seemed to be the way to view these.

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  1. RS said these are: "Onoclea sensibilis . . . "Sensitive Fern" . . . so-named, as it is a species that is most "sensitive" to early frosts"