Thursday, July 29, 2010


Today we had an '"assignment" or exercise while in a garden, to try and make pictures there of metaphors.  Not easy, I can admit.  Photographing flowers is alright, and I do make my share of those-sometimes to get them out of the way I know.  I walked around this lady's yard and it was full of flowers and decorations-just a huge place.  I had to just soak it in first, to try and see what was really there.  Light was okay.  These three flowers were the first thing I noticed as Doug talked of the exercise, and I just thought about life and death-maybe too easy, but it was right there.
Again-oh suprise, a fern!  I know, I just connect with them in some strange way-maybe because I crawl around in the woods and swamps all the time.  I like their shape and tenacity.  This lone fern looks captured by the fence and maybe defying it also.
This last picture I made was as we were walking down the street to leave-I had noticed "diggers hotline" spray paint and pin flags marking power lines right through parts of the garden-so something was going to getripped up here.  I thought the shadows of the wildflowers on the blacktop and tar told a story about "progress" in a way.

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