Tuesday, July 27, 2010

School of Arts-2010

"Zen and the Art of Photography" is the name of my class this time around here at the School of Arts.  It's a bit different than some of the other classes I've had-some meditation, some writing and a lot of small photography exercises to try and bring our personalities into our work.  I didn't shoot much that I was real happy with-you know, "keeper" photos, but still, it was good to make pictures again.  Funny, but I sometimes seem to gravitate toward small nature subjects, and in the next minute am drawn to abstract designs or forms.  Oh well. ....maybe that is good, maybe not.  We also did a study in light and took portraits of everyone in the class-with bright overhead light.  The one below was a favorite.  I love black and white but still am not happy with how digital converts color to BW.  My laptop here doesn't have a good "convert to black and white" in photoshop like my home computer, so it has been a bit more of a struggle.

Hobart stove conduit

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