Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Edge Border?

I'm about to head north once again to spend a week at the School of Arts.  I think this is about my 6th year there and each year I learn something new or am influenced by the instructors and students there.  I've found that there are times I need to be pushed to try new things or be forced out of my comfort zone in photography.  Each year, I have gained something from attending and it has improved my work.  It's one thing to go out and ..."well, I'm going to look for something to shoot today" vs. you "have to find this and this and this to shoot for that assignment."  My instructor this year will be Doug Beasley and the theme is "Zen and the Art of Photography."  Not sure what to expect, but probably something very new...... I do like to seek out quiet places and moments when I make a picture, so we'll see.   When looking at his work, I noticed a lot of his images use a "edge" or border on them-almost a frame.  They look like old emulsion images from polaroid of print film. (  It is kind of a cool effect and I'll be anxious to ask why he uses it on some photographs and not others.  I played around a little with it over the past couple days-here are my results.

Sand Creek Brewey on a  Friday Night
Blue Roof House Near Greenwood, WI
Nancy Jo on Lake Michigan

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