Monday, June 28, 2010

Rural Greenwood

Over the years the quickest way to get back to my hometown of Wausau is to buzz up cty G, which changes to cty O on it's way north to Hwy 29.  Each time I drive that early in the morning I see two old farmhouses with worn blue shingle roofs.  And each time I see them I think-I should make a picture of them.  Finally, I decided this was the day-hopped in the truck and drove.  I may have been a bit late-the early morning sun had already started climbing and those rich warm colors are fading quickly.  I stopped in the middle of the highway a mile from blue house #1 to watch a mature bald eagle lift up and get harassed by a flock of blackbirds.  He flew away too quickly for an image. (I did spot "him" again a few miles to the west on another road, this only it was the crows turn to bug him). When I pulled over to shoot this house, it just didn't have that...."look" I had imagined.  Maybe it would be better in winter, without the green?  I walked around and I guess I still don't have my fill of the wide angle lens yet.  After downloading it, the color did nothing for me and perhaps I was disappointed.  What to do? Delete?  Try black and white?  So the point of the picture was the blue roof and I, of course now get rid of all color. I knocked down the highlights and ended up with a halo around the roof-maybe that was okay and kinda of fitting.  Better luck next time.
Driving around west of Greenwood there are a lot of Mennonite and Amish farms and just places really off the beaten path.  While driving up a dirt road, I saw this human-like shape, but with a white head.  Curious, I turned around and just had to go back.  It ended up to be a welder by trade and just enjoyed what he came up with to advertise his location.

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  1. This guy is a friend of Leo's. Everyone calls him "Stoney". He's really a hoot! Really knows his stuff about machining and welding. Stop and talk w/ him sometime. Steve Bushman lives nearby and those 2 guys are "full of it"!