Monday, June 14, 2010

Blanche Grimes

I've been here before-just a few weeks ago, in fact.  I'm not sure why, but I stop by "Baby Blanche Grimes" grave in Columbia a few times a year.  It's known locally as the "Baby Grave" or in geocaching circles as "The Lonesome Grave."
Other detailed information on the grave site is located here:
Whenever I stop here, something is always changed-the toys, the flowers, jewelry, and perhaps that's why I stop.  If I'm riding mtn. bike, it's a quick rest on the top of a small hill, and just a few miles from Levis Mound.  Today, I had been laying out some new trails at Levis, was soaked, tired and thought a quiet minute here would be good.  I had my 10-22mm lens along and thought such a wide angle might be interesting.  Not sure I really like the photos, but thought they'd be interesting to post anyway.

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