Saturday, June 19, 2010


Shot a wedding rehersal (Clint and Heather) last night and needed to download a bunch of images, but decided to take a quick walk and just shoot some wild flowers down the road.  I think I shoot daiseys every year and am pretty ho hum with what I get.  To common?  Maybe.  I thought maybe the new lens would give me a different result, plus it was early morning light, dew covered everything and you won't get anything without pressing the shutter button.  The 10-22 allows really close in shooting, so if the focus is on, then the end result can look pretty nice.
I walked by these "Squiggle Stems" along the road and just smiled at the way they were all curvy-thought the color didn't help and this was more about line(s) so I changed it to black and white and it seemed to work well enough.

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