Monday, March 7, 2011

Windows to a Soul

I think when you've made enough pictures over the years, you start to realize there are subjects that keep coming back from time to time.  Windows seem to find their way into my camera for some reason.  I noticed this yesterday during a long snowshoe hike in the woods.  After an hour, I knew I'm make my way to an old farmstead buried and decaying back in the woods.  It maybe was a hundred years old, but had been updated over the years by evidence of the electric wires clinging to the side of the wall.  There were horse drawn farm implements half buried in the ground alongside frames of Model Ts.  I've made my way past this site a few times during hikes and hunting and enjoy finding old things like this.

Back to windows. Molly explored all the smells surrounding the old building as I peered to see what was inside.  I think looking through a window frame for a few moments can show what life was like on the farmstead.  I like discovering what lies inside, what the window reveals about the last days it was home to people.  Where the window is boarded up-there is a sense of wonder-what is inside?  The windows are also interesting as a composition-neat and orderly and framing something else maybe more important?.

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