Sunday, March 13, 2011

THE Rally

Wow...where do I start?  I have never been a real political person-maybe that has been a mistake?  As one of the speakers in Madison said yesterday, had we all done our job a few months ago, we wouldn't be standing at the State Capitol this day.  True that.  But we were now and I agree-something has been awakened during the past three weeks.  If one agrees with the Walker administration and state Republicans or not-there is no denying this bill is going to forever change Wisconsin in so many ways.  Some think in a good way, I for one, think it will be devastating.  I've already seen it in the quality of teachers and other state workers leaving their professions.

In any regard-that is the political side of this post, but I don't want to dwell there.  I want to just show images from the day and what struck me. The most powerful thing was how diverse the people gathered here were.  People of all walks of life, of all professions and of all jobs, that normally would never be together for one cause, but they are now.  I haven't felt too proud to be a teacher over the past three weeks with all the personal attacks against my profession, but I did this day.  People thanked me for the job I do, and I thanked them for theirs.  Firemen, cops, steamfitters, nurses, prison guards, county workers......
The first sign as we walked to the capitol-the girl and her father were proud she made this sign herself.
The state capitol building is such a massive backdrop to all that was going on this day-one that made everything happening a bit more serious and vastly important.  This guy stood up there for a long time-listening intently to each and every speaker.
"Union Thugs" imported in from.......hmmm, Sheboygan.
The procession of the Wisconsin 14 and Jesse Jackson lead by firefighters from Wisconsin and Illinois.
Honor Guard of Firefighters
The Wisconsin 14
Listening Intently to the 14
All Professions Represented
A young supporter from the "tractorcade."  It seems aspects of this bill will also have an effect of farmers in the state and they made their way to the capitol as well.

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