Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Faces of the Parade

It's become another yearly thing, photographing the Neillsville Homecoming parade.....  Just like the first day of school, I like to have the camera at the ready for what I know will be some great photographic opportunities-as I like to say, a "target rich environment."   The expressions of the kids, happy to be at the parade, maybe happier to be out of school early, are usually priceless.  Walking down the street from school, with camera and long lens in hand, I'm everyones best friend it seems.  There are plenty of "smile, say cheese" shots (which usually are the worst) but my favorites are the casual and documentary style ones of the spectators watching the parade in anticipation.  Sometimes along the way, I manage some nice portraits as well....surprises in a way, but ones I like because I know just about every student sitting on the curb. 

Of course, my best are always the images that I feel catch the personality of the person, and even though most of them are young, by now, a few years in my classroom, I see that personality come out frequently.  Great kids, and as always, fun for me to photograph.

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