Thursday, October 4, 2012


Fall colour?  I always liked that spelling and I do have French blood in me, so there it is.  It was time-time to get out and make some fall pictures, not always an easy thing to do because haven't they all been done before?  So many times I resist those brilliant trees, the cascading leaves and the carpet of color underfoot because someone else has already made those photographs better than I.

I decided-no matter.....the camera would be tucked into my game vest while the shotgun was cradled in my arm and the lab running around in search of all good things only dogs can smell.  Yeah, I called it hunting this afternoon, but maybe not for birds, I just needed to be in the woods.  Tenley had just gotten married and the past couple days have been like a wedding hangover-so much effort and emotion had been spent that now some quiet reflective time was needed.  Maybe that was what I really was hunting for. 

Fall is my favorite time of year by far-it starts when the crows and blue jays become much more vocal in late August and the early ferns start turning yellow.  Something in me stirs, to use a cliche, (but true) and I look forward to the change of seasons.  It's a bit frantic in a way, for autumn is short and there are so many things pulling me every direction that I love to do and experience then.  The sight of full blown color, the smell which I wish one could bottle and the sound of shuffled leaves or flushed birds cures any and all things that stress a daily life.  So that is why the camera shot many more things than the gun and even when the game bag was empty, it couldn't have been a more successful hunt.  I hit the shutter with no regard for what anyone else may have ever taken a picture of-I was shooting for myself and what I liked.  I enjoyed the result, even if I'm the only one who ever sees these images- they are a gentle reminder that sometimes I just have to make pictures for myself, for no other reason and be okay with it.  These are my favorites from a couple days of wandering in the forest.
Gold Vault
Yellow Crown
Sandy Lane
Wedges Creek High Bank

Arboretum Maple

Trickle Creek in Arboretum

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