Friday, July 15, 2011

Willie Wisely Trio Photo shoot

I love shooting bands...there is so much energy and creativity in the room and when you have a chance to be close to a reunion band-well, it doesn't get any better.  I'm sorry but I really don't know the history of the Willie Wisely band-I just know they have been apart for about 18 years and for whatever reason, they are back and making great sounds.  James, an owner of Tufts Mansion B&B in Neillsville, and a (great) substitute teacher (has anyone ever seen School of Rock?) thumps out the base and deals in the Neillsville Music scene at every chance.  Always a treat.

I wasn't sure what they wanted in pictures, but dove into their practice session on day one.  The setting was in the main room (parlor?) of Tufts, and not the easiest to shoot in. Everything was red and it was hard to get the band members close together.  I maybe got some good ones there, I dunno-I guess it depends on what they were looking for.  The following day, they wanted a "pro-mo" band picture and after rejecting the parlor, we checked out the attic in the old carrage house. Perfect.  Enough window light and "clutter" to maybe capture the mood of the band coming back together.  The last thing was to catch a few images during their reunion performance that night....from a photography standpoint, the light was hard, but maybe, if I'm lucky, I did get a few images that spoke of their music.....which was great.  I hope they keep on playin. :)

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