Saturday, July 30, 2011

Quiet Places

There has always been an appeal to me for those quiet places in nature-places tucked away behind the grand landscape scene.  Small intimate subjects that can still tell a story.  By "small" I don't necessarily mean in size, but maybe in just not being in-your-face sort of subjects.  I've found I'm drawn to making those photographs and feel lucky when I get it just right, or they say something to me or about me.

I had a chance to shoot the grandiose waterfalls and roaring rivers of Northern Wisconsin and the U.P. but also had great satisfaction in discovering the quiet places as well.  I hope these images tell a little of what I see and appreciate when the camera is along for the ride.

The water lilies were discovered just tucked in a small spot near a waterfall.  I'd been scrambling through rocks and brush to get to a better spot near the falls, when I stumbled onto this.  I knew I had to make a picture here....several.  It also lead to my only crash as I slid off a mucky rock, slammed to the ground, but saved my camera.
Quiet Water Lilies
Eagle River Bog lake Reflection
This small bog lake was right outside of Eagle River and the light was perfect-the temps had cooled down overnight and the lake was giving up some of her warmth to start this day.  A landscape on a small scale.
Sticks and Stones
I could walk the shores of any great lake for hours, and along Lake Superior, near Presque Isle Michigan I found and was intrigued by the randomness of objects tossed up on the shore by the cold waves. I did more looking than shooting, which is fine-it's all apart of seeing.  I liked the simple composition here-something quiet, a story? I don't know, but my gut liked it on this day.
Ontonagon River below Bond Falls
 All the "action" of Bond Falls was upstream from here, but this spot spoke more to me.  I managed to not burn out the highlights, capture a bit of the sunrise and maybe convey the early morning coolness of the river running through here.
Spruce Skeleton on the Ontonagon
As simple a scene as they come and honestly, this was a passer-by click of the shutter and I forgot about it.  I haven't been able to put my finger on it now, but this image has grown on me and I had to include it here.
Tamarack Starting Life

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