Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Whirlpools of The Presque Isle River

Presque Isle River
If there is one image I could select to capture this stretch of river on the Presque Isle, this would be it.  I've seen these "whirlpools" or potholes before, on the St. Croix River in Western Wisconsin near Taylor's Falls MN and just am amazed at this natural phenomenon.  Swift water carries sand and rock downstream until a narrowing of the river forces water to swirl and gradually, over eons of time, potholes are drilled deep into the rock.  Sometimes the polished round stones, often larger than a bowling ball, are still found inside these holes.  I just know they are a very unique and impressive feature and I had to show them as I made pictures here.

In the picture above, again I wanted to show the smooth flowing of the river and in this case, there was a enough color to warrant leaving it in.  The blue of the ski, green and yellow of the trees and warm color of the stone convinced me to not convert it to black and white, although, that may have been alright as well.
Pothole on The Presque Isle
Specular Highlights among the Whirlpools
Hidden Pool

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