Monday, May 2, 2011

Scenic Spring Roads

The "Spring" of 2011 will probably go down of one of the coldest, most drawn out and wet snowy one that I can remember.  Maybe it seems that way because there is an urge to get out and start summer sports-hikes, mountain biking and mowing (ha!).  Most of the township roads near my home are gravel, okay, ALL of them, which isn't all bad, but after this spring-they are turning into a wet potholed mess.  These images were taken on a cold morning while heading to Levis Mound to do some trail work.  One, Columbia Road, is the main road north and south through the county forest.  Another is passing the Sturtz Prairie, still flattened by the winters' snow.  The third is the old rail road bridge in the ghost town of Columbia-I guess it was almost mandatory to make this picture-the most "picturesque" of them all.
Columbia Road in April

Sturtz Prairie
Columbia Railroad Bridge

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