Friday, May 20, 2011

Cloverbelt Conference Track Meet

The next in a series of posts from this weeks' shooting.  The Cloverbelt Conference Track and Field Meet was held at the Colby HS track this week.  Since I have retired from the head Girls Track Coach position, I have had a bit more time after work to just enjoy the spring.  This spring...well, kinda of glad I didn't have to stand for hours out in the cold, wind, snow and rain, but on this day, it was perfect for a meet.  I do miss many of the athletes, but having a chance to photograph them helped ease that withdrawl.
Katrina lead-off in 4X2

Morgan-100m Finals

Dodger-finals in LJ

Ryan-LJ Finals

Dodger Airborn express

Dodger Flyin



Sammie setting a PR!
More from this set here:

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