Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fat Tire Amber Ale

Finally got out and rode at Levis again...this time on the Superfly. Just a couple cars there and some campers leaving-I wanted to catch the ride in the morning. Started climbing Cliffhanger-yeah, good warm-up,huh? I spun up and it was nice...some hikers up there checkin things out-first timers I'd guess. Stoopped at High Rock and snapped a few pixs. On the way down TT I had a jingling down below.....loose granny gear...no wrenches. Tried to ride a ways, but out on flat lander, the crank stopped. Hand tightened the bolts and limped out. Still...a. nice ride. The parking lot was deserted. But....there was a loney looking styrofoam cooler in a abandoned campsite, campfire still smoldering. Just had to check it out. Well, the mtn bike gods finally left me a present-inside were bottles of Fat Tire Ale (and a couple Millers). Dang, had a thirst right then too. First "payment" ever for the dirt digging here over the years-yes!

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