Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beauty...and the beast.

Headed down to Levis early this morning to mow......had rained during the night and fog was taking it's sweet time rising. Drove past this 100 yr old farmstead, long abandoned and two Sandhills were feeding...just had to grab my little camera and catch this moment. :)

Then...........although snakes are not-my-thing, I leave them and understand their role. This hog nosed snake is not super common, but I've seen them at Levis several times. They put on quite a show-flair out their neck like a cobra (two "eye" spots on the back) and hissss like crazy-also sometimes vibrate their tail in the dry leaves. Gets your attention! This one was about 2' long and after I turned to do something, he was gone.
Good day in the Clark County Forest.

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  1. I recall having a little garden snake in the aquarium for a while. What ever happened to him?