Thursday, May 21, 2009

smokey bear

No slumber last night-guard dog Ruger sounded the alarm and woke me from my blissful sleep on the couch-I think I was watching travel channel thru my closed eye lids. Something was amiss in the back yard and he didn't like it. It was almost dark, but putting your face up to the glass allowed a pretty clear view that something big and black was sauntering around the lawn. The bear wasn't huge, but big enough and must have been passing thru the area and swung in to check out the bird feeders? Anyway, he ended up right next to the house, so the screen doors were closed and living room windows shut. I decided that although it was cool to have a bear of our very own to view, Ruger (and he's still growling and sounding all mean-like) and I decide we'd rather not have him on the deck. The 12 ga. was still handy from turkey hunting, so I tossed in a light bird shot and grabbed a flashlight and tip toed out the back door and around the house. By the time I flipped on the flashlight, he (she?) had worked their way around to the back, the light lit up it's big shiny butt, the saftey flipped off and by the time the 7 shot reached his bum and the smoke cleared, he'd made a black streak bee-line into the woods.

I shuffled my slippers back into the house, knowing I'd only put one shell into the gun. Smokey won't be back anytime soon.

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