Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The old cheese factory-AKA The Stone house

I've made dozens of pictures of this place.  The earth is very slowly pulling the structure back into the ground and as the seasons pass, I notice it is finally giving in.  An old timer around here told me that the "stone house, was actually a cheese "factory" many many years ago.  A natural spring, located just through the swamp from our house, had a clay cistern placed inside and that was the water supply for the cheese makers.  The building was log, and then later covered with some stone and mortor.  It has a sunken lower level toward the road, which seems to go deeper into the ground each year.  I think I am atracted  to the fading colors, the bold shapes of the cracks and the angles of windows and doorways.

I know there will be more images to be made here as I walk by history past.
The Stone House-Arndt Road

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  1. Earth takes back what it has given. Great picture, Steve.