Sunday, June 12, 2011

Molly and Ilford Delta 100 Pro

Back to photography.
So since I started writing blog posts for Wisconsin Outdoor Fun, some of the On-TheEdge posts have been the same and less about making pictures and more about the outdoors, which is okay, but I wanted to keep this one more personal and more on photos.  The background reason why this has happened is because here I use "Blogger" as a client, and on WOF, we use Wordpress, which doesn't allow larger size photos (at least the way WOF is set up) within the posts.  My workaround is to write those topics in Blogger, copy it, photos and all, and paste it into Wordpress.  It works.  Sometimes I'll then delete the post on this page, sometimes not and just leave it.

Okay, so onward.  I've been hitting the road nearly everyday with Molly lately and hiking "around the block" with her.  A country "block" of course is four miles square.  So it's always a good hour walk and I try to have a camera along because it seems we usually see something unusual of the wildlife nature each time.  Some of those images have appeared here from time to time.  There are no dramatic landscapes on our route, just country roads surrounded by woods and farm fields, but it's home and it changes.  One morning as we made our way around, I stopped and took one photo on each of the four legs of our trip.  I'm not sure what my intent for the shots would be, but maybe just as a recording of those four roads. 

After downloading them, I thought maybe viewing them in black and white would be the best way to "capture" ....something.  I have some film-effect-like presets in Aperture and played around with a few and liked this one best.  IS it real?  Is it what I saw? Is it what I felt?  Well, yeah and I'm reminded that I am "making a picture" and as photographers, none of it is real so it's all well and good in what we present to the viewer or in this case myself.  I liked the image and that matters. 
Molly on South Mound Road

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