Sunday, January 2, 2011

December 30th Hunt

Ben Franklin once petitioned to have the wild turkey as our national bird.  I think cosmetically our Bald Eagle was a better choice luckily.  For a bird with such a small brain, they sure can be a challenge to hunt, but that's why I really enjoy it.  There are few animals as wily as a hen or tom turkey and in the spring, all the calling and strategy of a successful hunt has become a passion of mine.  In the fall, they don't respond to calling as well, and for me, it's happenstance, if the opportunity presents itself, I'll try a shot.  This winter however, the birds presented a scenario I had to try.  They had been hitting a field down the road and almost daily would make their way out at a leisurely pace by mid-morning.  I had two days left to make an attempt, so with bow in hand, I set up in the snow to give it a go.  This tom did respond to some soft calling and presented me with a good shot.  I was thankful to harvest this great bird, as it has been a goal of mine for a long time to take one with a bow and arrow.  They are a tough, smart, beautiful bird and one I never tire of seeing while outdoors.

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