Monday, November 29, 2010

Guilty Pleasure: Sunrises

Another hunting season is over for now....muzzleloader starts this week and then archery again the following week.  One of my favorite things to experience is the day waking up.  While hunting of course, I get to watch that all the time and it's just the best.  I don't seem to get tired of it at all.  So there are millions of sunrise and sunset photographs-they're pretty don't you know?  I've made more than my share of them, but I'll still press the shutter when I see a good one because they make me stop and appreciate things for a few minutes.  I can't find any fault in that, so my "pretty" sunset and sun rise photographs continue to pile up.  Sometimes, when I don't have a camera, I just make that shot in my mind and there is nothing wrong with that either.

This image is from yesterday morning-the last day of the deer hunt.  I arrived in my camo tent way before sunrise, not because of the hunting, but rather to settle in in the quiet and get ready to see the first brightening of the eastern sky.  This day was pretty dramatic and the photo doesn't do it justice.  For whatever reason the camera toned way down how brightly saturated the sky was-bright reds and deep yellows.  I messed around with different iso's and bracing it, but no tripod equaled a lot of blurry photos.  This one was okay.  Worth making this picture anyway.

Was it a successful hunt this day?  Absolutely.  Did I see a deer?  Not a one.
Sunrise over Reeds Farm

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