Thursday, November 25, 2010

Emerson By Brooke

A photographers blog is supposed to be all about posting our own work and coming up with witty things to say, or our thoughts and feelings about our art.  So why have I been a little slow in the posting department?  I'll pick an excuse: School, work (okay, the same thing), bow season, traveling to friends, gun season, World Games, organizing the garage, walking the pups, daylight savings time change....on and on.  I'll bounce back I'm sure.

Thankfully some photographers are still at it.  Yep, Brooke is now a "photographer," whether she knows it or not.  Oh, I think from seeing her earlier work, she has been a photog (?... for a while-you can just see her love for the craft (not sure I like that term) in what she shoots, how she makes pictures and her enthusiasm  for pressing the shutter everyday.  Of all the hundreds and hundreds of students that have passed thru my class, just a very few are or became photographers with that vision and creativity and the eye of a photographer.  Cliche, I know, but I think true.

One favorite and sometimes very difficult assignment is called "Personality Portraits."  Trying to share the essence of someone's personality within the frame of a photograph.  I think it's a simpler matter for older subjects and people you know well.  But in this case, Brooke nailed a terrific portrait of Emerson, a young girl she was babysitting.  As usual, the camera was along, and the kids became models for the assignment.  Of all the images produced, the following is just mesmerizing to me.  Technically a great image. But that's not the important element in this picture.  The emotion here is hard to define, but it doesn't matter, the eyes pull you into the photograph and that's all that's needed.
Nice job "BB."
Emerson By Brooke

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