Saturday, April 5, 2014

Rural Township Roadtrip

Arndt Road/Ram, Sunrise
April Fools.  Rain, sleet snow and it's April 5th.  Sunrise forced the boots on and cameras charged. Molly wags impatiently for the truck ride.  The rules are broken-centered composition, horizon smack dab in the middle but it's all okay-its the township, in all it's un-glorious  frozen slush snow.  The sun is up and it's the frantic golden hour in black and white.  The coffee is warm, the truck on empt, aperture priority and the lab panting.  It's how it is.
Middle Road

Arndt & Sterling

Poertner Road

Columbia Ave./Sturtz

Columbia Ave./Winter

Coumbia Ave./Sturtz 2

Coumbia Ave./Wedges Creek

Sidney Ave.

Maple Road

Fremont Ave./Matsons

Fremont Ave.

South Mound Road/Urbans

South Mound Road

Sterling Ave./Wandering Deer
Middle Road

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