Thursday, October 3, 2013

Trey Steven

After a short week or two, I’m sure your parents can hardly remember a time when you haven’t  been with them or a part of their lives.  A feeling anyone else that who has held you can relate to for you’re a keeper. Your arrival on this planet has changed all of us. That’s a pretty amazing thought, for  someone so small and who's days are mostly spent sleeping in dreamland.  I wonder what you as a newborn dream of?  Your face smiles and frowns and sometimes gets all smushy, and I could watch you and guess for hours on end.

There was so much anticipation at your arrival-what you’d look like, if you’d be healthy, the color of your hair, eyes and your name.  Now we know all those things like we’ve  known them forever. Trey, welcome to your new world.  Your mother and father have already learned what it is to love someone so completely that it amazes them and they are just starting out. That’s not a difficult feeling to have when you’re asleep in our arms-about as peaceful as any living thing can be.  When you’re sleeping or even perhaps taking a peek with your eyes barely open, nothing else in the world matters for us-it’s a moment lost in your new life.

I don’t know what that life will have in store for you Trey-the world is pretty crazy and your place here now changes how all of us will think of it. Before you, the future ahead had been spent maybe thinking of ourselves, but now you’re here adding a new twist to it and we want it better for you.  As a grandfather, I dream of sharing things I love with you-the outdoors mostly, because that’s where  the very best things in life are as my grandfathers taught me.  Hiking, or at the least holding your small hand out on a leaf shuffling walk , fishing, hunting, pedaling a bike and shushing skis for sure.  I’m guessing like with your mom and uncle Nik, there will be some sports to watch you play and some major mileage to be put on whatever vehicle is driven to see you.

Your parents love you, but you will scare them, make them laugh and smile, make them  proud and make them cry-some of those things have happened already in your short life.  You’re a pretty amazing little guy.  Your grandparents love you very much too-I’m still trying to assess out how this grand-paw thing fits me, but so far, it’s been darn good.  We’ve “watched” the Packers, fallen asleep to a late night Badgers game,  changed your diapers and  fed you til you’re full and sleepy.  All my friends who tell me grandparenting is great, so far have been right.  I hadn’t doubted it for a second. 

If I hadn’t figured out this “Circle of Life” thing yet, your birth sure has smacked me in the head with it, much like when your mom was born.  Your dad talked about how old he’ll be when you graduate from high school-in my mind I did the arithmetic as well and figured out the same thing-ouch, but then 70 will be the next 50 in new math terms. 

I have a few more aches and pains now,  but hope to have a lot of extra time to hang out with my grandson, not so much to spoil you (maybe just a little) but to just take advantage of what life has given us.  The other day your tiny hand gripped my finger so tightly-a good sign little one, for you’ll have to hold on tight. …your G-pa can’t wait,  It’s gonna be a good ride Trey.

Life is a song-sing it.  Life is a game-play it.  Life is a challenge-meet it. Life is a dream-realize it.  Life is a sacrafice-offer it.  Life is love-enjoy it. -Sai baba