Saturday, March 24, 2012

Yogi in My Tree

So it's 1:45am and Yogi returns.  Okay, so yeah, it's cool seeing wildlife right out the window, but I also don't want a big bruin like this becoming comfortable setting up camp in the backyard.  He had come out of slumber 2 days ago and raided the bird feeders and I managed to scare him off twice during the night.  Knowing that bears can be a creature of habit, it was in my best interest to take down some of the feeders or keep them out of reach...or so I thought.  I set out a couple game cams as well just in case he should return.   As it turned out, he did and in the process took down a willow limb and somehow, maybe by shaking the tree, got the feeder down that was in the upper branches of the tree.  The feeder is no more-chewed up plastic is all that is left.  So plan B will be to get all the feeders down for a couple weeks and maybe his visits will cease.

It all makes for a good story-life in the country...and this time, a few pictures to go with it.

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