Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fat-Bike Luge Run

Comin and Goin
"Luge Run."  That's all I could think of as I tried my best to keep the fatties centered on the frozen ice trough of a path, created by myself a few days ago.  Earlier in the week, I had no intention of making this luge run, but temps that day hovered around 40, and the inch or so of new snow packed down like a sponge, and overnight, turned to pure ice.  First thought this day was-yea!  I can pedal effortlessly down those tracks and not battle to slog through thick snow again.  Contrary to what some may say, those 3.5" fat tires don't always stick to ice, and a hard landing on the ground reminded me of that quickly.  So it became a total concentration effort to stay within the confines of ice and snow gutter- thankfully not many hills to test my nerve skiddering down or climbing.
These melty days have been more common than not this "winter" and I suspect these conditions will be the rule as we creep out of February.  Soon, the trails and forest roads will be total slop for a while, and that window of riding opportunity will only be open a few hours in the colder mornings.  With the new fat-bike under me opening a lot of riding prospects, I hope to keep riding into the spring, like I have all winter and just enjoying the turning of the pedals.

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