Friday, September 2, 2011

First Day-2011

Is two years in a row a tradition? Gotta start somewhere, right?  With our shared schedules between high school and elementary school, it's worked out that my "normal" first hour class in the high school is at an orientation when I would normally be teaching photography.  It gives me, on the first day of school only, a chance to walk around the halls and classrooms with my camera and look for classic first day pictures.  It's excitement, apprehension, reunion smiles and a little bit scary-for the kids and some of the parents.  Just have to love the mothers (and dads-I know) tearing up as they let their "babies" go, and into the care of our staff.  ( I think they quickly recover when they return home to a quiet peaceful house!)  It's one of my favorite "traditions" now to do this quick shoot.  Below are some of my favorites, and there is a public link to the full set of pictures on Facebook at the end.
Hayden-First Day Wonder
This was my surprise photo of all 100 or so-I didn't  realize it at the time of pressing the shutter what a story this image could tell.  This is Hayden, a really great kid I enjoy in class, but during these first few minutes of the school year, I wonder what he's thinking.  His new teacher?....his new class and classmates and maybe what this year has in store for him.
Boys like Snakes
Somehow Ava made it into the final round of "keeper" images, but I shouldn't be surprised-she is a wonderful student. I'm also not surprised Judah would have a book open on snakes-I've heard little boys love creepy things. I'm not sure if they are daydreaming here, turning the pages of the book waiting for the rest of their class to file into the room, or impressing their new teach at how studious they can be.
Why are erasers Pink?
I think this is a few moments before a "Show Me Five" shoots into the air-an attention getter that is designed to focus everyone in the room to what the teacher or speaker has to say.  In our second year now, it seems to work well, and from this picture, it would seem that it's almost time, during this first morning of class, to get those hands in the air.
64 Colors
Is there anything better or more joyous than opening a box of 64 crayons?  I think not.  Maybe there is.....the smell of 64 Crayola Crayons.
The K4 Train
I call them "walking backpacks" when I watch the 4K kids line up and march down the hall past the 5th grade rooms and then down into the middle school where their classroom is located.  I've never really gotten that shot yet, but will.  It seems the little boy and girl are in completely different places here on the way to their new room.
Matching Backpacks
"No, really....this Piece goes in here."
The 5K rooms are a wonder to me.  I wonder if I'll make it through the year.  Kindergarteners can really be a challenge and I've always said those teachers should be paid double of what a college professor makes-no doubt. There is so much unbounded energy and wonder in these rooms it tires me, but it also makes me sad that some of that is lost as they move through the grades and get smarter, yet wonder less.  Sorry-pretty deep here. ;)
Welcome to First Grade
Where's My Class?
There is a great hustle and bustle in the hallways on that first day- "Where is my class?" "Is that my new teacher?"  Big brothers and sisters leading their siblings to the correct room and parents stopping to chat a minute or two as their children excitedly pull away to find their desk and smile at their name taped to the front.

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